Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Who am I to tell you?

This is not the only blog on the web that talks about graphic design at all. Of course you know that because you stumbled across this more than likely completely by accident whilst searching for something vaguely related, that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but your curiosity has lead you to read on! congratulations and hello reader. 

The answer to the question posed in the title is actually pretty obvious. I am no-one and will continue to be no-one in the world of design until someone who is deemed as "someone" tells you that I am someone too. Name dropping however is a little too easy for my liking and a little too lacking in substance, so I am writing from a place much more humble. I am, (probably just like you), starting out in the world. I am a lowly post-grad who has stumbled on through university, intern-ships and the recession over the last five years. And no I didn't always know that I wanted to be a designer or live, eat, sleep, and breathe design like you get told to while you are at art school. however a skill is a skill is a skill, and if you do something well you should never do it for free! In reality I made a logical decision based on what skills I had, and what chances I had of achieving said goals, and which ones I would most enjoy throughout my lifetime, and landed at a career in design. It did not come to me in a dream and I think it is a very small group of people that this happens for. What I will be doing here therefore, is giving you a realistic and honest account of my experiences and successes and failures so far, that you can hopefully take something from and use in your own career as a graphic designer or similar. Think of me like a pace runner in a race that is just in front and plodding on so that you don't lose momentum. 

If that doesn't sound like what you wanted to hear then don't worry! there are plenty of other blogs and articles out there that will give you the perspective of a seasoned pro. I am sure they can point you in the direction of some great advice, and I don't doubt that they will tell you things that I cant, but they have probably forgotten what is like to be you or I (just some food for thought there). So I think it is only fair that I tell you the things that I did up to this point in relation to my career as a designer. This way you can see how I ended up at this point and which career related decisions affected my journey.

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