Thursday, 15 November 2012

50 non Design skills and competencies for the Designer.

1. Being able to type quickly and correctly.

2. Being able to spell.

3. Having at least a basic understanding of copy-writing.

4. Knowing how to speak clearly, objectively, and calmly when under direct criticism.

5. Being able to work a DSLR and understanding what the functions actually do.

6. Knowing when to quit.

7. Knowing how to work Microsoft office (yes that includes excel).

8. Knowing how to write a contract.

9. Knowing how to write an invoice.

10. Knowing how to pay your taxes.

11. Knowing how to write a thank you card.

12. Knowing your legal rights and where to get help if somebody tries to rip you off.

13. Understanding the ins and outs of a good savings account.

14. Getting to grips with a financial plan.

15. Time management.

16. Organizational skills.

17. Networking.

18. Sales.

19. Basic computer maintenance and repairs (both PC and Mac)

20. Decent drawing/ sketching/ wire-framing ability.

21. Have a basic understanding of hosting/ domains/ and SEO.

22. Know what social media tools are available to you and which are relevant to your needs.

23. Listening skills.

24. Problem solving ability.

25. Basic math.

26. Research and analysis of information.

27. Being in control of your emotions (things can get pretty stressful).

28. People management skills.

29. Self awareness (as in what level of ability you really do have and not what you try to tell people you have).

30. Cultural awareness.

31. Global awareness.

32. Contextualization skills (this is probably the most important and the most difficult one).

33. Marketing awareness.

34. Punctuality.

35. Likeability (you will be surprised how much of a difference this makes). 

36. Flexibilty.

37. Patience.

38. Perseverance.

39. Tact.

40. Ingenuity.

41. Understanding how and when to outsource.

42. Open mindedness.

43. Goal setting.

45. Understanding Copyright Law.

46. Staying up to date with new technology and software.

47. Being aware of local and regional trade fairs that are relevant to you.

48. Trend awareness.

49. Market knowledge.

50. Pitching ability.

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